CLIF Bar The “Official Bar & Gel” of The HHH Endurance Ride

Hotter’N Hell Hundred is a demanding ride on a great course!  Endurance cyclists will face incessant wind, heat, long inclines and a great challenge over the 100 mile route!  To give you the energy to tackle this amazing feat, rest stops will feature a variety of foods to keep you energized and moving.  As a proud sponsor of Hotter’N Hell, CLIF Bar Mini’s, CLIF SHOT BLOKS and CLIF SHOT Energy Gels will be available at these rest stops!  

To learn more about nutrition, you can read up on these great products below! 

CLIF Bars 

What is CLIF® Bar? CLIF Bar is the original energy bar made with organic ingredients that delivers an optimal blend of nutrition for sustained energy.  CLIF Bar uses whole ingredients you can see and taste, such as oats, dried fruits and nuts, to create delicious, convenient food that’s good for you and for the planet.

Why eat CLIF Bars? Athletes and active people have high energy demands.  With a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fiber, CLIF BARs supply working muscles with the energy they need for extended periods of activity.  Wholesome and nutrient-dense, CLIF BARs steadily increase blood sugar levels without creating a precipitous “sugar crash.”  CLIF BARs help athletes and active people who respect their bodies and the planet to push farther with sustained energy.

When should you eat CLIF Bars? For best results, CLIF BARs should be eaten about one to three hours before exercise along with water to prevent hunger and supply energy to working muscles. During prolonged, lower intensity exercise such as hiking or bike touring, CLIF BARs can be eaten during activity to help satiate hunger and meet carbohydrate demands. CLIF BARs can also be eaten after exercise, as a snack between meals or during a long, busy day to help sustain energy.

CLIF Shot Energy Gel

New to Clif Shot? Simply put, CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel provides quick energy during activities like bike rides!  There’s lots of great flavors to suit everyone’s personally tastes. 

What is CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel? It is an all-natural and organic, easily-digested source of carbohydrates and electrolytes during activity; the best way to keep your energy tank topped off during a bike ride. It is the only energy gel made with 85-90% organic ingredients giving you essential natural nutrition for performance. 

How do you eat CLIF SHOT Energy Gel? Have water handy!  Tear off the top.  The specially designed packet keeps the torn top attached to protect the environment from unwanted trash.  Squeeze a bit of gel into your mouth and take a drink of water.  Of course you should practice eating a gel while riding a bike.  CLIF SHOT can be purchased at any of our bike store sponsors and is VERY affordable!  

Why is CLIF SHOT Better?

  • It provides scientifically-backed ingredients in quantities high enough to improve performance.
  • Easy to Use Packaging is designed to be seamless to use in motion – it stows easily, then opens and delivers quickly so you won’t miss a beat.
  • The taste is field-tested to taste great when racing and training, putting your taste buds on overdrive.
  • It’s natural and organic using only 100% natural ingredients (including the highest level of organic ingredients possible).  
Shot Blocks


CLIF SHOT BLOKS Energy Chews are semi-solid, easy-to-chew sources of carbohydrates—your body’s preferred source of fuel during activity – and electrolytes.  

What’s the Fastpak®? Fastpak® is the package unique to CLIF SHOT BLOKS. It’s provides an overall smaller package, so it fits better in jersey pockets, running shorts, and backpacks. It also opens easily and then allows the athlete to access and squeeze up each CLIF SHOT BLOKS one by one. Finally, the packaging reduction vs. the original package yielded a 33% reduction of packaging material.  

Who needs CLIF SHOT BLOKS? CLIF SHOT BLOKS are primarily used by performance athletes – cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, triathletes, adventure racers, etc. However, any performance-oriented athlete needing a quick burst of energy can benefit from CLIF SHOT BLOKS. Caffeinated flavors are not recommended for pregnant women, children, or people sensitive to caffeine.  

When should BLOKS be eaten? Half a packet of CLIF SHOT BLOKS can be eaten 15 minutes prior to activity to increase blood sugar levels, followed by 1-2 packets per hour during activity. Consumption of CLIF SHOT BLOKS should always be followed with a mouthful of water.  

How should I eat BLOKS, compared to CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel? CLIF SHOT Energy Gel and CLIF SHOT BLOKS are easily interchangeable since they both provide carbohydrate to working muscles. Since 3 pieces of CLIF SHOT BLOKS equal the same calories as one CLIF SHOT Energy Gel packet you can go back and forth between each, while easily keeping track of your calorie intake.