2016 Hotter’N Hell Hundred – 8/27 – Wichita Falls, Texas

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FB Invested in Community

Date: August 27,2016

Registration opened at 12:01 AM January 1, 2016

The 2016 Hotter’N Hell Hundred Endurance Ride will be Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016.  We will have Mountain Bike Racing on Friday, August 26, 2016 and USA Cycling Criterium races on Friday, August 26th and Sunday, August 28, 2016. We will host the Hotter’N Hell Hundred, USA Cycling Road Races on Saturday, August 27, 2016. Sunday morning HHH will host the half marathon trail run that makes up the final third of the weekend Triple Threat Extreme Challenge. For those that are interested in the Trail Run but not a half marathon, Sandy will also offer a 10k on the WeeChiTah Trail.

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New for 2016

The Golden Wheel – A Premium VIP Experience of the 2016 HH100 Endurance Ride

 Limited to  125 Riders

Benefits of the HHH Golden Wheel VIP Package include:

  • Your registration for the HHH Endurance Ride, any distance
  • A specially-designed, sleek Golden Wheel HHH jersey
  • A smart, embroidered Golden Wheel polo shirt
  • Cyclists will have secure, convenient VIP parking
  • Concierge access to the registration/packet pickup
  • HHH spaghetti dinner and HHH breakfast with VIP access
  • Golden Wheel Riders will start at the front your distance que on Saturday morning
  • $50 HHH Consumer Show dollars
  • An invitation to the Friday night Vendor/HHH Steering Committee Social
  • Admission to Friday night Bikin’ Mike Keel Seminar
  • A HHH Squishy Silipint Beverage Container
  • Saturday barbeque & beverage after the Ride in the air-conditioned Chamber of Commerce VIP tent

Have your best HHH experience ever with the Golden Wheel VIP Package for only $350, a $500-plus value.

2015 Hotter’N Hell Hundred

Presented By:

FB Invested in Community

2015 HHH Endurance Ride Timing Results:

 2015 HHH – MarathonFoto pictures are available at:

HHH Endurance Rides: http://www.marathonfoto.com/Landing/28542015M1/hottern-hell-hundred-2015

Individual rider photo links: 2015 HHH Endurance Ride PURLs updated

Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain Bike Races: http://www.marathonfoto.com/Landing/28542015M4/hottern-hell-wee-chi-tah-mountain-bike-2015

Individual racer photo links: 2015 HHH Wee Chi Tah Mt Bike PURLs

Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Run: http://www.marathonfoto.com/Landing/28542015M5/hottern-hell-wee-chi-tah-trail-run-2015

Individual runner photo links: 2015 HHH Wee Chi Tah Trail Run PURLs

Richard Cleaver’s Photos are available at:

Women’s Friday Criterium – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.899986790038652&type=1

Men’s Friday Criterium –  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.899798806724117&type=1

Mountain Bike Races –  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.901191976584800&type=1

Endurance Ride – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205997697234621&set=oa.901565489880782&type=1&theater

Hell’s Gate – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205997878559154&set=oa.901570693213595&type=1&theater

Registration will be available for the HHH Endurance Rides including the HHH Pace Groups and the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Events beginning January 1st 2016!



Updates are being posted on the “Hotel, Motel and B&B” page under the “Lodging” heading above as they are received.

Coyote Ranch Resort  http://www.coyoteranchresort.com/  has openings!  RV Spots at $60 a night (You can tent camp in an RV Spot) Free hot showers!  Only 8 minutes from the start.  Call 940-767-6700


We are pleased to announce that this year’s headliner band will be ROXY ROCA! The Austin, TX based band has a mixture of everything a person looks for in the music industry. They create a sound that blends the old and the new, with expertise in bringing a unique southern jazzy feel. Be sure to check them out at this year’s Hotter’N Hell Hundred and on their website at http://roxyroca.com/


Interested in training for the 2016 Hotter’N Hell Hundred?  Cycling Coach “Bikin” Mike Keel has a number of training aids available for interested riders:  http://bikinmike.com/training/learn/





Welcome to Wichita Falls, HHH riders and family support! The YMCA is excited to help make this a great experience for you! We offer both affordable indoor camping to help you get a good night’s sleep and safe child care so you can ride at ease.

INDOOR CAMPING is available at the Downtown YMCA (1010 9th St) – only 3 blocks from the starting line! The cost is only $20/person per night and INCLUDES showers, hot tub, steam room, air conditioning, indoor storage of your bike and a light breakfast on ride day! Riders will experience all of this in a SAFE environment. Bring your own sleeping bag, air mattress and towels. To reserve a spot, mail checks to YMCA, Attn: HHH, 1010 9th St, Wichita Falls, TX 76301. For more information call 940-322-7816 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

CHILD CARE will conveniently be offered on Sat. Aug. 29th from 6am-4pm at the Downtown Y (adjacent facilities). We accept children ages 3+ (must be potty trained). Cost is $40 for the first child and $30 for each additional sibling. This includes breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, swimming, arts/crafts and activities to keep your children happy. To register, please download and complete the form below. Return it to michellem@ymcawf.org. You will be contacted for payment information. Contact Michelle McCoy at 940-855-2301 for more information. YMCA-HHH Kids Camp Registration

PET BOARDING – RW Canine Re – Treat Boarding & Training Center

If you need boarding for your dog during HHH contact the folks at RW Training Kennel to make arrangements:  RW Training Kennel Phone: (936) 569-3783 OR Email: info@rwtrainingkennel.com . Georgianne Kimberley, owner, has agreed to make arrangements to assist riders that need to board their dogs on HHH Weekend.


Wichita Falls Water Supply – There have been few questions from riders about the quality of the municipal water supply in light of some of the misinformed negative publicity about the recently implemented recycling treatment processes. The Wichita Falls municipal water system maintains the highest quality rating – “Superior” – as certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The system is one of a small minority of public water systems that has added a Reverse Osmosis process to the purification of water. The water meets the standards of a very  rigorous testing regime and is a higher quality than water treated by just conventional methods. For additional information please go to:  www.wichitafallstx.gov and view the informational video provided on the City of Wichita Falls website.

Alternate Accommodations – Looking for housing at this year’s HH100, but hotels aren’t quite what you’d like. Be sure to check out some of the local alternate accommodation options. Just click on Lodging > Alternate Accommodations above, or click here.

Riders still looking for Hotel Accommodations: The latest information reported vacancies at the following local hotels: As we approach HHH 2015 we will again post Hotel accommodation updates on this page.

To All of Our Riders – We do our best to make sure that the HH100 is a great weekend, enjoyed by everyone, and we couldn’t do that without the help of our local community.

With that in mind, it has come to our attention that there may be a problem for people who have pre-paid for reservations at “The New Grand Hotel.” We want to reach out to anyone who might be effected and bring them up-to-date on the status of the hotel.

It has been confirmed that the hotel still does not currently have a lodging permit, and a permit application has not been submitted to the city departments.


2014 Hotter’N Hell Hundred

2014 Hotter’N Hell Hundred Timing Results

The results for the:

Hotter’N Hell Hundred Endurance Rides

Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain Bike Races

Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Runs

are all available at:  http://www.cadencesports.com/results.php

2014 HHH Photography

Compact MarathonFoto logo (2)

Marathon Foto pictures are available at:


Links to Richard Cleaver’s Photos:



Hotter’N Hell Hundred Online Store

To access the Hotter’N Hell Hundred Online Store click on the following link: store.hh100.org

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